College and School Law: Analysis, Prevention, and Forms

Michael Prairie and Timothy Garfield

2010, American Bar Association, 661 Pages

These days, school and college administrators know only too well how their well-intentioned actions may lead to financially ruinous lawsuits. College and School Law provides a comprehensive and comprehensible framework for managing risk in the real work of educational administration.

Preventive Law for Schools and Colleges

Michael Prairie and Timothy Garfield

2004, School & College Law Press, 775 Pages

Preventive Law for Schools and Colleges is written in clear non-legalistic language with detailed citations to authorities and reference material. It concentrates on the essence of what busy Administrators and legal counsel need to know to prevent legal claims.

Niwa - Purposeful Living

Hiromi Shimamura, Michael Prairie, and Wayne Carlson

In Progress

There are definitive and enduring principles that have been the foundation of Japanese culture for nearly two thousand years. Niwa – Purposeful Living, is an up-and-coming book that examines these principles, and relates them to prominent Japanese gardens along the west coast.