Firm Description

The Prairie Law Group is a specialty law firm focusing its practice on the areas of general business matters, and education and employment law, including the conduct of litigation and administrative hearings in these areas. The firm represents a broad spectrum of clients, including major real estate owners and developers, homeowner associations, financial institutions, title insurers, escrow companies, municipalities, school districts, colleges and universities, mid-sized businesses, and other individuals and entities. Our clients come to us because of our experience, knowledge, expertise, track record in and out of court, and

our reputation for integrity and client satisfaction. Significant involvement of our lawyers in teaching, publishing, and community service means the firm enjoys a high level of credibility with other attorneys and decision makers in public forums. We recognize that a close working relationship between attorney and client is essential to quality legal services. The firm’s size and composition enables us to offer the personalized services of highly experienced lawyers to serve each client’s unique needs. Our rates are competitive and, because we employ legal assistants who are also specialized in our practice areas, we are

able to deliver cost-effective legal services. Michael Prairie, the principal of Prairie Law Group, has 30 years of practice experience and Martindale-Hubbel rates him AV® Preeminent™, its highest possible rating. The Prairie Law Group emphasizes practical, reasoned advice in an effort to minimize or prevent legal difficulties. When a client is involved in a dispute, our primary concern is to achieve an expeditious and economic result. When formal litigation or other dispute-resolution proceedings are necessary, we provide aggressive, high caliber advocacy.


Accreditation and Licensure

  • Compliance with accrediting standards
  • Agency reviews, and approvals
  • Specialized accreditation
  • Trade and vocational schools


  • Trustee relations
  • Non-profit issues
  • Affiliated organizations
  • Governing instruments

Physical Facilities

  • Campus security
  • Environmental compliance
  • ADA and Rehabilitation Act
  • Drug-free Schools compliance
  • Acquisition, zoning, and leasing
  • Public financing

Risk Management

  • Focused legal audits
  • Insurance analysis
  • Review of institutional policies
  • Litigation policies
  • Cost controls

International Students

  • Student visas
  • Change of visa status
  • Foreign study programs

Financial Aid

  • Regulatory compliance
  • Audits
  • Collection of student debts
  • Minority scholarships

Faculty/Staff Relations

  • Tenure
  • Academic freedom
  • Contracts
  • Grievance Resolution
  • Research and technology
  • Collective Bargaining
  • Sexual harassment compliance
  • Civil Rights Act compliance

Student Relations

  • Contractual rights of students
  • Grievance policies
  • Admissions standards
  • Grades, credits and degrees
  • Procedure for suspension and dismissal
  • Student organizations/athletics
  • Student records and catalog review
  • Educational malpractice
  • Accommodating disabled students