January 1, 2012

The Law School Bubble


With a struggling economy and a declining job market, law schools have come under attack in recent months. With a staggering 44,258 graduates in 2010 alone, according to the ABA, the already saturated legal job market can simply not keep up with the current flow of students. The result is that students are graduating with enormous amounts of debt and few job prospects to help pay them off. In 2010, 85 percent of law graduates boasted an average debt load of $98,500, according to U.S. News & World Report. Given the staggering debt and little hope for high paying jobs, some graduates have begun looking for a scapegoat. 15 law schools have been served with class action lawsuits, the principal complaint being that they misrepresented the facts pertaining to future job prospects. The crux of the argument is that if the statistics had not been

manipulated, many students would not have decided to take on the huge debt load that accompanies a law degree. We at The Prairie Law Group believe that it is important to take a proactive approach to these claims and put a stop to them before they are given a chance to besmirch the good name of law schools

that are doing their best in a tough job market. Over the course of the last 30 years, including multiple ups and downs of the job market, we have developed a comprehensive plan for dealing with these kinds of complaints.

Rex C. Curry for The New York Times

Feb 10, 2013

A Call for Drastic Changes in Educating New Lawyers


A steep decline in law school applications and an abundance of underemployed law school graduates has made it clear that the current process of educating lawyers is not sustainable. The Task Force on the Future of Legal Education has gathered to suggest ways of ameliorating the current law education system. Members have advocated changing law school to a two year program, reducing accreditation standards, or creating a less extensive training program for legal technicians.


Apr 29, 2013

Simpler, tougher bar passage accreditation standard to be considered by ABA committee

By Mark Hansen - ABA Journal

Mar 28, 2013

ABA taps one-time law school dean to head new Legal Ed Section post

By Mark Hansen - ABA Journal

Feb 7, 2013

New bar passage rate requirement for accreditation prompts law school to sue Calif. bar officials

By Mark Hansen - ABA Journal

Feb 6, 2013

How widespread is issue of misreporting admissions data to US News?

By Martha Niel - ABA Journal

Dec 6, 2012

US Lawmaker Is Crafting Plan to Withhold Student Loan Payments from Paychecks, Just Like Income Tax

By Martha Niel - ABA Journal